Sourdough in a Panasonic SD-YR2540

April 12, 2024 Chris Malme 0

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a sourdough starter from Hobbs House Bakery. I’ve fed it, and used it for pancakes, but hadn’t tried making bread with it. I was planning to roll my sleeves up, and do a loaf by hand, but it didn’t happen, so I thought I’d give it a try by machine.

Naked Pulled Pork

September 25, 2023 Chris Malme 1

My “usual way” for pork butt involves a heavy coating of seasoning before the meat hits the grill. For other cooking, I have been reducing the amount of seasoning I used, and although the outer bark gets distributed through the meat when pulling, I was struck by the amount of salt in the seasoning I use routinely. I wondered… what would happen if I cooked a pork butt naked, then seasoned/sauced afterwards, to taste? Surely, without a coating of seasoning, there is more surface to absorb the smoke?

Onlyfire Pellet Grill

September 3, 2023 Chris Malme 0

I unearthed my Onlyfire portable pellet grill today, probably for the first time since the couple of months following the initial purchase, last year.

From this, you might ask, “If you didn’t need it, why buy it?”

An illustration showing a Simply Cook box with 4 meal trays, each containing 3 pots.

Simply Cook – A Meal Kit That Lets You Do The Shopping

August 29, 2023 Chris Malme 0

The problem of Recipe Boxes is having fresh ingredients for 3-5 meals for 2 or more people turn up all on the same day. Simply Cook avoids this by not supplying the fresh ingredients. What they supply is the spices, stocks and flavourings needed and the recipe cards. You go shopping for the rest.

Making Lunch

July 29, 2023 Chris Malme 0

Although not on any particular diet, I am keeping an eye on my calorie intake. Central to this is lunch. While my evening meals are generally pretty varied, for lunch I tend to find a formula and flog it to death until I start getting bored with it.

Garden Recap 2, 2023

June 16, 2023 Chris Malme 0

About a year ago, I bought an unnecessary hedge-trimmer. My neighbour, who always kept the hedge between our fronts trimmed, was moving.

As it happened, the new neighbour was well-equipped and happy to do my side.

Garden Recap, 2023

June 16, 2023 Chris Malme 0

It’s not a great secret that I had let my garden get way past being unruly. This was partly due to my tendency to procrastinate, but also worsened by disheartened a couple of times when I might have done something about it.

4 years ago, I got some guys in to do some work for me, and they were a disaster – I ended up sending them packing. One of the things they did was fill all 4 of my veg troughs with clay, topped with about half an inch of compost – instead of the “good soil” they had quoted.

Christmas 2022

December 25, 2022 Chris Malme 0

This year, the meat is a stuffed turkey leg joint from Riverford’s. I’ve had it before, and it is reliable.

Although I have potatoes and veg in the fridge, I knew I had some frozen prepared roasties in the freezer, done in goose fat. I also found a small tray of my own roasted sprouts, from 2021!