St Louis Ribs

June 30, 2021 Chris Malme 0

So I had this rack of St Louis Ribs that needed to be used, and couldn’t be frozen, as they had already been frozen by the supplier, and defrosted in transit. I am not a huge fan of pork ribs – they strike me as fiddly and a lot of work for a very low reward, given how much meat you get off them. Having said that, I didn’t want to waste them, and I know other people like them, so I thought I would get some practice in.

The Fall And Rise of the Legacy 1200

June 4, 2021 Chris Malme 1

As described earlier, I’d successfully done my first cook on the new pellet grill, by my kitchen door. Soon after, I decided to move it to my BBQ area at the foot of the garden. Not very far, and paved all the way. So I was wheeling it down the garden, and was two thirds of the way there, when the whole grill tilted, and it was only my muscles keeping it stable – all 300lbs of it.