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Grab a Handful

May 16, 2014 Chris Malme 3

I have a beef stew in the slow cooker today. It is a very rough and ready recipe, which changes easily depending on what ingredients I have. Very roughly:

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Venison Meatball in Leek and Mushroom Sauce.

May 14, 2014 Chris Malme 3

Life has been a bit busy, lately, and mealtimes hard to predict; so I have had my fortnightly Riverford fruit and veg box suspended for a while. Of course, I forgot to check when the deliveries would resume, and so I got home last night, after a day out, to find the box sitting by my gate, drenched by the rain. My fault, both for forgetting, and not leaving them somewhere sheltered to put it.

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In Praise of Pastry

May 5, 2014 Jo Hopkinson 1

First of all – hello! I’m Jo, and I’ve known Chris for an awfully long time now, and eaten many a home cooked meal with him.  I’m delighted that he asked me to contribute to his blog, since I’m a keen cook and love to share my foodie thoughts. I thought I’d start with something pretty basic – pastry.