Simply Cook – A Meal Kit That Lets You Do The Shopping

An illustration showing a Simply Cook box with 4 meal trays, each containing 3 pots.

An illustration showing a Simply Cook box with 4 meal trays, each containing 3 pots.It’s been quite a while since I mentioned Simply Cook, so I thought I would change that.

I’m a great fan of Recipe Boxes, as I find they help break me out of a cooking rut.

The problem with the idea is having fresh ingredients for 3-5 meals for 2 or more people turn up all on the same day. The fun of cooking new dishes can quickly become stress, of comparing use-by dates on all the items, to see what meal gets cooked first.

Simply Cook avoids this by not supplying the fresh ingredients. What they supply is the spices, stocks and flavourings needed and the recipe cards. You go shopping for the rest. Each card has a tear-off strip with the required ingredients, for you to take to the supermarket, or you can use their app, which automatically highlights the recipes you have picked. Like any Recipe Box scheme, you can pick your dishes, from a large selection, or you can let them recommend dishes.

The reason I like this scheme is that the three pots that come for every meal have a pretty long shelf-life, so when I find myself getting behind, I can just pause things until I catch up. The box (which contains 4 meals in total) It also fits through most letterboxes, so you don’t have to wait in.

It works out a tenner for a box of 4 recipes, or £2.50 a meal. They say it feeds 2-3 people; but I’ve fed 4 before, by just adding side dishes.

Of course, you still have the actual food to buy – at £2.50 for 3 small pots of ingredients and a recipe card, it is probably more profitable for them than the full recipe boxes. But it achieves the same – breaking you out of a cooking rut – for much less; and you don’t have to worry about using up all the fresh produce in less than a week.

I’ve posted this referral code before, and I make no excuses for posting it again – I get a free box for each new signup, while you get a free box for 4 meals.

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