Mindful Chef

September 26, 2016 Chris Malme 0

This is the second of the recipe boxes I am trying – Mindful Chef. After my experience with Gousto (which was totally satisfactory regarding what they supplied, but fell down in my execution of their recipes), I decided to wait until this week, when I was on holiday and had plenty of time.

My Pear Tree

September 26, 2016 Chris Malme 1

As mentioned in previous years, I have an established pear tree growing along the wall of my garage. It is in entirely the wrong position, being on a north-facing wall; which makes the tree perpetually try to grow over the garage to get sun.

Gousto – Haddock & Chips

September 14, 2016 Chris Malme 0

This is the first recipe I have tried from the Gousto recipe box. Basically, it is posh fish & chips. The steps described were straightforward enough, and I didn’t feel rushed (however, at 30°C, I did feel hot!). My presentation skills not-withstanding, it looked nice enough on the plate, and it went down very well too.

Gousto – Recipe Box Review

September 10, 2016 Chris Malme 2

As I mentioned, the other day, this week I am trying a recipe box from Gousto. The box I am reviewing contains 3 different meals, each with two portions; it sells for £34.99, but I am taking advantage of a £25 discount, giving it to me for 9.99.

Recipe Boxes

September 3, 2016 Chris Malme 2

Here’s the thing: I can cook, and cook well, but left to my own devices, I tend to get in a rut – even that rut will start out healthy, but soon declines with my enthusiasm. That’s largely how this blog started!