August 28, 2020 Chris Malme 1

As mentioned on my Facebook page a few days ago, high winds knocked over my tomato plants. Quite a few branches broken, but non of the main stems.

Training Tomatoes

August 23, 2020 Chris Malme 0

[caption id="attachment_122930" align="alignright" width="400"] Katie’s leftovers.[/caption]It’s been a few years since I last grew tomatoes, and I’d forgotten many of the little things I had learned. Mainly on how to remove suckers before they became major fruit-bearing parts of the plant, and how to keep the plant neat.

Gadget: Ninja 3-in-1 Food Processor

August 9, 2020 Chris Malme 0

Gadget Man strikes again!. To be fair to myself, for someone who likes to cook, I’ve managed a long time without a food processor.

I was actually looking at this very bundle a couple of months back, and had mentally bookmarked it as something to consider for the Black Friday deals. But today, Amazon told me it was in their one-day deal – reduced by 25% – and I had 4.5 hours to decide. Didn’t take me nearly that long.

Brussels Sprouts Doing Well

August 8, 2020 Chris Malme 0

This is the first lot of Brussels I planted, which at one point I was thinking of digging up and throwing away, because they looked so unhealthy.

And this is the second planting. These thrived a lot better, but recently got hit with an infestation of tiny flies. But a spraying of lightly soapy water seems to have gotten rid of the worst, and let the plants recover.

Garden Update – 360°

August 7, 2020 Chris Malme 0

The garden makeover is practically complete. We tried out my pressure washer on part of the patio, and it came up good; so either Jared or myself will do the rest sometime. But otherwise, all the painting and tidying has been done.

So here is the transformed garden. (360° image)

With A Little Help From My Friends…

August 4, 2020 Chris Malme 0

Just before lockdown happened, I’d talked to a local handyman about various jobs around the house and garden. He quoted for some work inside the house, plus some work in the garden: coating my garage door with a suitable weatherproof treatment, and a couple of other jobs. But then the lockdown happened, and stopped all plans; even after things started easing, I didn’t get any replies to my emails asking when he might be available again.