Naked Pulled Pork

September 25, 2023 Chris Malme 1

My “usual way” for pork butt involves a heavy coating of seasoning before the meat hits the grill. For other cooking, I have been reducing the amount of seasoning I used, and although the outer bark gets distributed through the meat when pulling, I was struck by the amount of salt in the seasoning I use routinely. I wondered… what would happen if I cooked a pork butt naked, then seasoned/sauced afterwards, to taste? Surely, without a coating of seasoning, there is more surface to absorb the smoke?

Onlyfire Pellet Grill

September 3, 2023 Chris Malme 0

I unearthed my Onlyfire portable pellet grill today, probably for the first time since the couple of months following the initial purchase, last year.

From this, you might ask, “If you didn’t need it, why buy it?”