Gousto: Lemon Linguine With Crab

November 9, 2016 Chris Malme 0

I’ve had a couple more Gousto boxes since my last post on the subject. All of the meals have been very nice, but this – Lemon Linguine With Crab – is one of the best I have cooked.

Kitchen Safe

October 16, 2016 Chris Malme 0

It seems that, during the day, I am only in danger of bingeing in the hour or so after I eat my first biscuit(s). After that, I seem as likely to take another biscuit as anybody else. So setting the Kitchen Safe to 2 hours takes the biscuits out of reach for that danger period of time, but leaves my options open for something later in the day.

Mindful Chef

September 26, 2016 Chris Malme 0

This is the second of the recipe boxes I am trying – Mindful Chef. After my experience with Gousto (which was totally satisfactory regarding what they supplied, but fell down in my execution of their recipes), I decided to wait until this week, when I was on holiday and had plenty of time.