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My choice for the first recipe was something that looked easy. A Jamie Oliver recipe for “Chicken Traybake”.

Simple enough to prepare – chopping tomatoes/onions/peppers into large chunks, and arranging in a baking tray with chicken thighs, salt, pepper, thyme, balsamic, and olive oil. Then put into an oven for an hour.

I’d just made a really nice malted loaf, so on a whim, I cut a slice into 1 inch cubes and threw that in as well, with a few small cubes of cheddar.

Here is is out of the oven.

And here it is in the dish.

Not the most elegant of meals I have cooked, but it was very tasty. Next time, I think I would leave it in for longer, as everything was hot and cooked, but the onions and peppers could have done with more caramelisation.

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  1. Following last night’s recipe (see above) tonight I started late, and wanted something quick and simple, so I went “off-piste”.

    As I say, all these meals are two portion, so I took a chicken breast from the “Roast Chicken Meal” recipe, plus some brocolli, and some peas from the Haddock recipe. I already had a cooked jacket potato in the fridge, left over from the weekend, so I mashed that with some butter and sour cream.

    I then pan fried the chicken breast. A good pinch of salt over the skin, then cooked skin side down for 10 minutes meant it was crisp and tasty, then kept turning the breast until it was done all the way through. When I felt it was almost ready , I cooked the mash and the green veg in the microwave.

    Presto – a really tasty meal, and yet I still have 4 recipes left to try! This is the advantage of food boxes containing real (not pre-prepared) produce – it is easy to adapt and change as you wish.

    Jacket potato mash is really tasty – it’s mashed potato, but it retains that baked potato taste.

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