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So, another week, another recipe box scheme. This week it is the turn of HelloFresh.

I hesitated over trying them as, unlike Gousto and Mindful Chef, they only offer 5 different recipes a week, which means if you are on their 5 meal plan, there is no choice; and even on the 3 meal plan, there isn’t much choice (the other two schemes tend to have 10-12 recipes to chose from each week).

On the other hand, I am getting this first trial box at a large discount, and there was nothing in their meal list for this week that I wouldn’t enjoy; so i thought it was worth looking at

Open the box up, and you are confronted with a huge amount of ingredients.

Because of the offer, I went for the 5 meal box, which – as each meal is for 2 – is 10 portions. This is probably going to be all the food I buy this week, but at a (discounted) cost of 30 quid, it doesn’t seem a bad deal, at all

Mostly I plan to cook each dish in the evening, have a larger than half share for dinner, then reheat the leftovers for lunch the next day.

One very good thing is that each recipe has its non-meat ingredients individually bagged. This is an improvement on Gousto and Mindful Chef, where the vegetables, dry ingredients and spices etc are more or less loose in the box, and you have to sort through them, marrying them to each recipe. With HelloFresh, each bag is clearly labelled with a different coloured label. At first I was slightly frustrated that there was no indication on the label *which* recipe it was for (despite there being a blank space to write on). But I soon discovered that the recipe cards are colour coded to the labels, so it is easy. The green/white back at the back is the chill bag, containing all the meat/fish/perishables and two ice packs.

Really quite impressed with the presentation and the organisation. Only time will tell whether the lack of choice each week will be an issue for me.

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