Breakfast like a king; lunch like a prince; dine like a pauper.

Well, perhaps not quite that extreme, but I have been considering reversing my habitual lunch and tea-time meals. This really comes about in modern life as convenience for work and the daily routine. This is not an issue for me any more.

In favour of a change:

• The general consensus seems to be that calories taken on earlier in the day contribute to energy expenditure – you have the energy to do stuff – while later in the day, they add to calories stored – if you eat a big evening meal, then sit with your feet up in front of the TV, this does not seem like a stretch.

• Generally, I feel more enthusiastic about cooking plans earlier, rather than later in the day. Which is probably why I got into slow cookers in such a big way. And sometimes, in the evening, having happily planned to cook something, I can’t be bothered, which is when I end up eating quick and unhealthy prepared crap.

• When I have cooked something really nice, cooking it for lunch makes me more likely to save a small portion of leftovers to heat up for the evening. Cooking big for the evening has an intention to save leftovers for the next day, but more often they end up being “seconds” half an hour later.

• These days, I am more likely to go out during the day, than the evening. So becoming accustomed to lunchtime dining gives me better options to have something really nice while out, then just something light in the evening. Rather than eating well at lunch, AND cooking a full tea.

• It also fits my general pattern of entertaining (pre-Covid, at least), where I tend to cook for people in the day-time, rather than evening.

It’s going to be a bit of an experiment, and it is not going to be an abrupt overnight change. But it kind of makes sense to me.

Thoughts and opinions welcome.

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