Bacon Pancake Dippers

Bacon Pancake DippersI recently saw this picture on a friend’s Facebook page, and was just blown away. It didn’t come with a recipe, but cooking bacon and pancake mixture isn’t that hard to pull together; it was the idea that was genius.

Later, a simple Google image search revealed what I think is the original source of the image. See the Lady Behind The Curtain website for a full recipe and more delicious looking pictures.

Of course, I think I want to try this with bacon smoked in my pellet grill!


    • My pleasure, Sheryl. It seemed only polite, and with Google image search, it is often fairly simple to find the source. In your case, when I did a search on the image, I saw lots of sites using it, but your site was clearly the owner, as I could see all the other pictures there!

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