More adventures with cold smoking

Yesterday, I smoked a mixture of cheddar and soft cheese, using oak for the first time, instead of my usual applewood.

I find it is not normally a good idea to taste smoked cheese even a day after smoking – it is better left a week. But I couldn’t resist, and I can’t help thinking I have overdone it bit, as the smokiness is overwhelming.

Top rack is butter resting on baking parchment
Top rack is butter resting on baking parchment
It may be that it will settle down over the next week in the fridge – certainly I have had cheese before that have tasted foul out of the smoker, but really nice a couple of weeks later.

If not, I will try cooking with the cheese, and see if that makes it acceptable.

I was planning to hand some out to friends I am seeing on Monday – they will now be receiving it with a warning, and a blessing if they chuck it if the taste doesn’t improve. I was planning on doing some more today, anyway, and have decided to try maple, but for a lot shorter smoke time; so hopefully they will go away with something edible.

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  1. The oak has mellowed nicely, and is going to be ok. I also like the maple, which is more subtle, as I didn’t smoke it for long.

    To my taste, the goat’s cheese didn’t take on much smoke at all – it seems the smoke hasn’t penetrated the outer crust. On the other hand, the Brie (which one would though would be the same) is delightful.

    Oh, the pleasures of experimentation.

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