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Visited my local garden centre today – Waterside – and found they now have an extensive food hall, run by Hambleton’s Farms. It has both a good cheese counter and a butcher’s counter, and also has a tempting selection of “gourmet frozen meals”.

For the moment, I am resisting that temptation, but I did buy a pack of their burgers, which are distinctly chunkier than the ones I can get from my local butcher, and may make my purchases of Tesco Finest unnecessary. I also came away with a large slab of their smoked hard goat’s cheese.

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  1. We have a winner. The Hambleton burgers were moist, tasted great, and were easy to turn and move about on the grill without breaking up. As Waterside is only 10 minutes from here, it is a convenient and practical choice. They sell the same burgers from their fresh and frozen displays, so I shouldn’t have problems buying adequate numbers to feed my board-game group.

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