A New Food Adventure

When I registered this site, a month or so ago, it was with a modest intention. I have kept a personal blog for friends and family for some time,  with postings on all manner of various interests of mine. Talking to friends, I realised that blog had become a bit of a mess, with no real focus. Furthermore, folk who were interested in some of my hobbies – food, for example – lost interest when I talked about things like computing and board games or other trivia.

I was also  aware that I had become out of touch with food skills that I used to have 20 years ago, before a career intervened – skills like baking, cheese-making, and basic good home cooking. A new kitchen gave me the space – and enthusiasm – to  rekindle these interests, and seemed a good excuse for a new separate blog, dedicated to food. While this blog may only ever have a small readership, documenting my activities here in public, for my friends and a few strangers, would keep me motivated to make progress.

However, in the past few weeks, a new issue has arisen, with the realisation of just how adulterated our food has become. The latest scandal, with horsemeat being sold in the UK as beef, is only the latest of things that make me uncomfortable with where my food is coming from.

Thus, my new adventure is this – to minimise, and eventually eliminate, all food purchasing from big-chain supermarkets, and return to buying from local or independent sources. These will include farm-run vegetable box schemes, local butchers and bakers, and other local retailers. Plus, of course, what I can grow and make myself. In doing so, I will be moving away from the pre-prepared foods that have worked their way into my life, and going back to cooking from scratch.

Join me on my food adventure!

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