I love pancakes of all sizes – crepes, american style, drop scones. But, despite a series of pans purchased for the purpose, I’ve never had much luck cooking them myself.

In the end, I decided that the problem was with my stove and not me, and I gave in and bought a Duronics Crepe Maker.

I picked this particular model after a bit of comparison shopping. It is 1300W, rather than the usual 900-1000W, so will heat quicker. It has a temperature setting of 1-8, rather than just 1-5 – of course, they are just numbers, but the control slider is long, so allows for quite a bit of fine adjustment, instead of being a 5 way switch. Finally, it is about an inch bigger than most of the competition, at 13 inches diameter.

My first experiments were a bit of a disaster, and I thought the device was at fault. I’d pour the batter on, and it would run and pool to one side. But it turns out the counter I was using isn’t completely level – I had never noticed it before (it is where I usually make tea and coffee), but for this it made a difference. Relocating the device to a different (and better, longterm) counter solved that problem.

I haven’t yet perfected my crepe-turning, but these american style pancakes are dead easy to make on it. I can make up to 3 at a time, and they only take minutes to cook. What I tend to do is pour one, then when it is ready to flip, pour the next, and so on. This means I am not trying to turn 3 pancakes at the same time.

Of course it can be used for a lot more things – frying eggs, omelettes, I reckon you could even fry up a Full English on it. This is useful to bear in mind, as I am still considering getting rid of my barely used stove, in exchange for more cupboard and counter-top space.

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