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This blog is typical of many of its kind – thought about for a while, implemented in the midst of a scandal, posted to in a flurry of enthusiasm, then, after a few weeks, nothing.

But I haven’t lost my enthusiasm, I have just been busier than normal. April was full of travel, with a couple of trips away from home for work, and 3 trips for pleasure. As a result, I haven’t done much worthy of posting here, other than keeping things going.

Nothing exciting, but with regard to buying locally, it is going well. During April, the only things I have bought from supermarkets have been:

Goat’s Milk
Sandwiches (while on the road)
Burgers/Sausages/Buns/Cheese for a BBQ.
Biscuits (supposedly for the BBQ, but I ate most myself)

Everything else – daily food for me – has come either from my local butcher, the farm shop, or my vegetable box.

That last item – the biscuits – also proves my point. Other than that, and a couple of hotel meals, I have eaten fairly healthily; and I know I would have never have bought them, had I not been walking around Tescos. So aside from the local shopping idea, avoiding the supermarket is avoiding temptation.

I didn’t expect to completely kick out the supermarket from my life, at least not immediately; so if I can keep it up to this level, I’ll be perfectly happy.

Other news – I have been making great use of my soup maker, having home-made soup for lunch at least twice a week when at home. I find it is a great way to use up veg and leftovers. Today was cauliflower and bacon, and was very tasty with some home-baked bread.

In May, I will try to post something more interesting; some hands on cooking, perhaps.

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